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About Matsuri Sumitaya

Matsuri Sumitaya, founded in 1947, is one of the few retailers in Japan which specialize in festival goods. Throughout the spring to autumn seasons, festivals are held across many regions in Japan, including the famous Sanja Festival of Asakusa, Tokyo. We are proud to be the keeper of the Matsuri (festival) tradition through providing festival participants’ costumes and accessories. Welcome and enjoy the cool and stylish Matsuri goods from our shop!

Matsuri Sumitaya Corp.
14-1 Shinzu-cho Naka-ku Hamamatsu-Shi Shizuoka Japan 430-0911 [ Google MAP ]
TEL : +81-53-489-3398
FAX : +81-53-489-3396

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About Matsuri

Japanese "Matsuri" originates from Shinto rituals to enshrine the divinity, at which people praised and showed obedience to the shrine. Now matsuri refers to wider range of occasions including celebrations, festivals, events, cultural / commercial programs where people meet, mingle and feel the sense of unity. Energy from vast number of people consolidates to exude an enormous magnetism and participants are wrapped in a kind of excitement and elation that cannot be felt in everyday lives. Strong sense of ties exists in the matsuri that binds people together, and communities are formed transcending age, danger and ethnicity.

About Matsuri Costumes

Matsuri costumes originate from the clothing professional carpenters wore during the Edo period. Basic Matsuri style consists of skin-tight Harakake (apron), Momohiki (leggings) and Koikuchi Shirt (buttoned shirt with three-quarter sleeves). On top of this basic style, Happi coat is worn which was designed specifically for the community or group one belongs to.


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祭すみたや 助信駅前店

〒430-0911 静岡県浜松市中区新津町14-1
TEL:053-489-3398 FAX:053-489-3396




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